Vital Life Nurse Consulting

Who needs a Nurse-Advocate-Navigator? Information for seniors, disable and/or chronically ill patients, and their families. 

1) Non-local families that have a distant family member requiring assistance with :
- activity of daily living (personal care, meal preparation, shopping, outings, housekeeping, etc) 
- training and supervising caregivers providing care to patients 

2) Families looking into arranging subsidized and/or private home support
- seniors who are unable to continue living where they want independently and are challenged by a lack of, or inadequate, support, transportation, ability to take care of the spouse or themselves
- newly discharged from hospital patients
- seniors with dementia diagnosis 
- families with palliative patients 
- people who are exploring retirement homes / assistant living or supportive housing options

3) Seniors experiencing lack of respect for the decision-making. While it is recognized that some seniors lack the capacity to make sound decisions, many seniors feel that long before this happens, care professionals and even family members begin to assume they know what is best for seniors. - Advance care plan can be written to express the wishes for your future health care treatment. 

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