Why is Elderpost

Peter SilinElderpost has been developed by me-- Peter Silin, MSW, RSW. I am a Geriatric Care Manager in Vancouver British Columbia, and the owner of Diamond Geriatrics, Inc. I have run Diamond Geriatrics since 1996, and have worked with Older people, families, and caregivers since 1980.

Over the years I have seen caregivers, older people, family members spending a lot of money buying equipment, and or needing equipment which they can’t afford. I have also seen that some people have equipment that they don’t need anymore—maybe someone has passed away, or gotten to the point where they can’t use it anymore, or it doesn’t fit, etc. I wanted there to be a place where these two groups of people can easily find each other. Elderpost is that place.

So if you have equipment, I encourage you to give it, if you can. Or sell it at a reasonable price. Think of it as a legacy, a gift, as paying it forward, as being part of making the world a more caring place.

Over the years I have also seen people who need to hire caregivers for themselves, their loved ones, their friends, etc; and I have known lots of people who want to work as caregivers. I wanted there to be a place where you can find each other without paying a middleman or an agency fee if you don’t want to. Where all the money you pay for a caregiver goes to that caregiver. Where you as a hired caregiver will receive the full amount that is paid for your work.

Of Course…

There are advantages to using agencies, or going to stores, and using established services. It is easier. They may screen their personnel. They know how to do it. They might fix it if something goes wrong. You as a worker may be protected from discrimination or harassment by an employer, or from other problems.

But I wanted you to have a choice, so you will also find on Elderpost commercial services, agencies, stores, and other websites that will make caregiving and aging easier.

If you don’t find it here

If you don’t see what you are looking for, or want to create a new category, or have a comment or suggestion, let me know. Help me make this the community service and website that best works for everyone.

Just a warning:

If you do make private arrangements for sales and hiring, make sure you view our Safe Usage Guidelines. Take care and lots of love, support, and best wishes to you.


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