What is Elderpost

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What is Elderpost?

Elderpost is a website where

  1. Caregivers and older people can:
    1. find free services and support
    2. find free or used equipment
    3. give away or sell equipment that they don't need anymore
    4. find private caregivers for hire
    5. find companies which sell what you may need
    6. find agencies which specialize in providing people to hire
    7. find information and organizations which they need as they go through a caregiving and aging journey.
  2. People who want to work with older people and their caregivers can find the opportunities to do so, without a placement fee, or having to go through an agency which will take something off the top.
  3. Companies, non profit organizations, agencies and governments can post information about themselves and the services and goods they provide.

You will find here:

  • Free equipment
  • Free services
  • Used equipment being sold privately
  • Home makers and caregivers who are looking to provide care.
  • Family members looking to find someone who can provide care.
  • Commercial services
  • Opportunities to volunteer
  • Opportunities to develop and provide mutual support among caregivers.


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