Safe Usage Guidelines

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Warning for Your Personal Safety

Most of the people with whom you may come into contact through Elderpost are  decent and honest people.

Despite the above, you need to use caution and common sense  to protect yourself.

  1. Consider whether you want to post a picture of yourself in your ad. If it is not necessary, then don’t do it. Whereas sometimes pictures help to drive traffic to you, you are not able to limit who views them.
  2. If meeting someone for employment or volunteer opportunities, consider taking along someone else as protection.
  3. If you do go to a meeting, or have one, alone, tell someone else as much detail as you can, and  ask them to call you, or offer to call them within a certain amount of time. If they have not heard from you, make plans as to what that person should do.
  4. If you go by yourself to a private home, at least give someone else the address and name of the person where you are going.
  5. If you are hiring someone, ask for references.
  6. Ask your potential employer for references.
  7. Elderpost Reviewed is one way to offer some security that you are who you are. Enquire to Elderpost about becoming Elderpost Reviewed.
  8. If you are selling or giving something away, have someone with you when you go to see the object, or when you allow someone to come to you.
  9. Do not give out personal banking information or other information which is not necessary to the transactions.
  10. If what you have is not free, consider accepting only cash. Certified cheques or money orders may be fakes, and if cashed by a bank or trust company, you may be held responsible.
  11. Post dated cheques are sometimes cashed by cheque cashing companies before the date they are written for. If that happens, you may still be responsible for paying the money, even if you have cancelled the cheque.
  12. If something seems to be to good to be true, it probably is.
  13. Trust yourself. If you are uncomfortable with a transaction or situation, get more information or walk away from it.


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