How to Prepare your Ad Images

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Our most often requested type of help is for adding images. The issue folks have occur most often are their images not uploading/being refused. The reason is either the dimensions are too large or the file size is too big or both.

Gallery images must be no larger than 800px high or wide and 1 Megabyte file size.

Logo or Primary image maximum is 300px high or wide and 1 Megabyte file size.

Elderpost needs to store and display the images, so we placed restrictions on the dimensions and file size. The reason is storage concerns and web page display speed. We have a large capapcity for storage but not infinite and large images load more slowly. The latter is especially a concern with more visitors accessing the website from devices with per gigabyte data packages.

These days many more folks have a phone with a built-in camera so it's natural they would use it to take snapshots of their item. The difficulty is very few of us are experts at manipulating our device cameras or the images they produce. Most devices have software built in for basic image manipulation and it would be enough for what's need for your ad here. So first thing to do is check for one a built in app on the device your'e using.

If you transfer your images to a computer, they too will have built in software you can use for image resizing and size reduction (compression).

How to's and Resouce Links

Method One for resizing images on Windows computers using the built-in Paint program

  1. Select the photo you want to resize, then right click and choose 'Edit' from the menu.
  2. By default this action opens the image in Windows Paint
  3. Find and click the Resize (top left area), and use Pixels (not Percentage) and check to box for 'Maintain aspect ratio'.
  4. For the pixel values, if your photo is landscape orientation (width greater than depth) type 800 in Horizontal. If you photo is Portrait orientation (height greater than width) type 800 in the Vertical box. The other value will be calculated automatically.
  5. Click OK, then from the 'File', top left drop-down menu, choose 'Save' (or if you want to keep your original photo 'Save as'. When offered options for image type, choose JPEG.
  6. Give your resized image a meaningful name, for example, red-scooter1 or RedScooter1. It's recommended not to use spaces or dots between words or numbers in the file name. Hypens/minus sign is okay to use between words.
  7. Done!

Method Two (with illustrations) for resizing images on a Windows computer - Email it to yourself.

Select the photo you want to resize, then right click and choose 'Email' from the menu.

Step 1

You will be shown an 'Attach Files' dialog similar to illustration below:

Step 2

Click on the 'Picture size' drop-down menu. The size options will differ depending on your image orientation and size, In this instance the image is in Landscape view so I have selected 800 x 600, which is the maximum allowed width at Elderpost.

Step 3

Once you've selected the size, click the 'Attach' button and your email program will automatically open with the resized image attached.

Step 4

There's no need to send the email. Once you've saved your image you can cancel the email.

Follow the directions below to save the resized image to your computer.

Tutorial for resizing images on a Mac computer

Online Tools for Image Compression and Resizing



Apps/Programs for Image Compression and Resizing

Windows (Free)

Mac (Free)

iPhone ($1.39)

iPad ($1.39)

Android based phones (Free)

Blackberry ($0.99)

Windows Phones ($1.19)


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