Miss Nara Farrell Comedy Improv Show for Seniors

Nara Farrell was born in England when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. Although they didn't meet formally, she grew up with some very strong female role models. Her father being in the military, she moved all around the world and caught on to accents and mannerisms at a very earlt age.  She has been on stage doing what she loves for the past 10 years in both a teaching capacity and performing. Comedy, being her first love, she took to forms of slapstick and improv, like a well oiled machine and has been using these genres in her communication. She was blessed to be best friend to her grandmother and oh my did they get up to no good together! She dearly loves chumming around with seniors of all ages and has been working with the Alzheimers Society Of Canada to bring comedy into the atmosphere. The idea is to have fun, bring people together and learn about each other through the funny bone. Let's do this!

The Travel Show is the first of many shows that lets Nara use her gift of communication by asking the simple question "Where have you been?". It's user friendly and comical. People learn about each other in this setting and have a good time in the process. A win win!

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  • 110 Prospect St
    ON N0A 1N1
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  • Phone: 519 209 1596
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