Manual Tilting Wheel Chair

Manual Tilting Wheel Chair

The Stellar GL is a manual tilt-in-space wheelchair that tilts 45 degrees for pressure relief and positioning. Designed to be tailored to the occupant's size and shape, the Stellar Gl is equipped to adjust seat height, depth and back angle for optimal usage. With improved hecl d earance, the occupants' knees remain low during tilt which allows them to continue to use their feet for propulsion. It also lets the chair be maneuvered under tables while tilted, allowing the occupant to participate in normal dining or social activities.

  • 45° of tilt for pressure relief and positioning
  • Ideal for hand propulsion with adjustable,
  • accessible rear wheels
  • Knees remain low in tilt
  • Short wheelbase for excellent maneuverability
  • Reclining back option- reclines to 120°

This wheelchair is 15 months old and has had below average usage and is in excellent condition. The chair was purchased new for $7,000 which included the wheelchair and add-ons.


  1. Victor 1 0 18x20 cushion: $736.25
  2. 18W Jay Union Back PDC UT: $872.10
  3. 14" Plush Lycra W/AXYS Mntg: $277.40
  4. Mount AXYS Detachable Mounting: $134 90
  5. Hip Belt (Non-Padded): $53.20
  6. 18W x 20D Stellar GL Manual Tilt Wheelchair: $4,972.30

Total Value: $7,046.15

Also includes Slide On/OH Padded Vinyl Tray and has a tray and is in like new condition (Not Shown)
(Pictures are of actual wheelchair that is for sale in its current condition)

A 5 K I N G : $2500

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